Two Weeks Ex-Country Training Program (Closed)

Update: The Last Date of submission of application is extended till May 4, 2017

The BCCI on behalf of the Department of Human Resources, Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR) is pleased to announce availability of Full scholarship Ex-country training programs for in-service private sector employees which will be implemented at various training institutes in INDIA through collaboration of local training institutes. The training program will be implemented for a duration of 2 weeks (From first Week of May 2017) for 30 candidates each which is fully funded under GoI PTA-Project for HRD Masterplan (Critical Skills).

The in-service ex-country training programs are intended to meet three broad objectives:

  1. To enhance the livelihood of the individual beneficiaries with the enhancement of their capability to engage in gainful employment.
  2. It is intended to meet the skilled human resource shortages in the critical economic sectors.
  3. To promote growth of private sector with supply of relevant human resources and skills enhancement of their employees to improve and diversify the products in private sectors.

Therefore, interested in-service candidate from private sectors fulfilling following criteria may submit the following documents to HRD, BCCI Office:

  1. Dully filled DHR, HRD MoLHR In-Service Training form *
  2. Duly filled HRD, BCCI ex-country form available here *
  3. Nomination Letter & No Objection Certificate verified and signed by HRO & CEO of from Agency/Company *
  4. Copy of Appointment Letter *
  5. Citizen ID Card Copy *
  6. Security Clearance *
  7. Medical Certificate *
  8. Valid Copy of Trade License of the Agency/Company *
  9. Academic Transcripts (Class X & above) *
  10. Copy of Membership Receipt from BCCI *
  11. Income Statement for last one year of Agency
  12. Salary Slip of One last year (Bank Transaction applicable)

The selection of candidates will be as per Listed criteria and as per the Rules and Regulation for HRD Support to non-civil service sector of the MOLHR.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Should have minimum of one year of relevant work experience with the nominating agency/organization at the time of application.
  • Should have one year relevant work experience to the training program applied.
  • Should have minimum qualification of Class X (10) and above.
  • Should fulfill other criteria’s as specified in Rules and Regulation for HRD Support to non-civil service sectors of MoLHR.

The interested candidates from the private sectors can apply and submit your documents from on or before 21st April 2017, it is extended till May 4, 2017. Failing to fulfill any of the above criteria and to submit required documents will be directly rejected.

Contact HR Department of BCCI for more information at 02-322742/324254 Ext No. 124, or directly at 77114051, during office hours.