Chamber began its operation through voluntary contribution of funds by a handful of prominent business enterprises in 1980. Since then, the business entities contribute for Chamber’s sustainability to achieve its cherished mission and visions for promoting private sector to enhance its competitiveness in their businesses.
At present, BCCI categorize our members (i.e., business entities) in two categories viz., General members and Registered members.

General Member

Business entities holding a valid trade license of the country are all general members of BCCI and they contribute minimal fees depending on the business type and size as per the fee slab developed in consensus with them.
Being general members to BCCI, the members besides reaping larger benefit as a result of policy advocacy, they also have the advantages of:

  • Receiving information on various training/workshop etc.
  • Obtaining authentication of business establishment when required by Government agencies for various purposes, that is being issued only to the members of BCCI,
  • Concessions on stall fees during the fairs organized by BCCI and in other international fairs.
  • Opportunity to participate for in-country and ex-country programs.

Registered Member

Some of the business entities get registered as special members to the Chamber voluntarily to receive more privilege than general members. Separate fees are charged for registering as registered members that is valid for five years and can be renewed after that. Currently, Chamber has very less number of registered members due to lack of awareness on benefits derived from it. We have over 300 members from all around the country as of date. Although the numbers are minimal at this period, it is increasing yearly with increase in Chamber’s visibility in the country.
Registered members also garner all the benefits received through policy advocacy by the Chamber but in particular, they have advantages of:

  • Receiving all the benefits that of General Members,
  • Issuing with registered membership card by Chamber,
  • Getting priority in all activities including (In-country Training, Ex-country), workshop etc.,
  • Obtaining more concessions and best offers during fairs or events organized by the Chamber and in other international fairs,
  • Receiving preference for Business to Business (B2B) programs,
  • Availing skill development programs held/coordinated by the Chamber with more preference,
  • Obtaining first hand information on any programs/activities of the Chamber,
  • Getting up-to-date publications of the Chamber.

Why should you join the Chamber?

  • Make business contacts
  • Promote your business
  • Start selling globally
  • Influence local policy
  • Save money