Open registration for the BCCI Membership

The Bhutan Chamber of Commerce & Industry is pleased to inform business community of Bhutan that annual membership fees collection for fiscal year 2021-2022 has commenced from 4th August, 2021. The Chamber mobilizes membership dues based on a slab rate depending upon the size of its business that is agreed upon and endorsed by the members of General Body of the BCCI and it is tax deductible.

The dues received from our valued members are properly accounted for and used judiciously for the general cause of the business community. The accounts are audited by the auditors empanelled with the Royal Audit Authority annually.

Now, the registration for BCCI membership is open and would like to inform interested businesses, who wish to become BCCI member may register online or walk-in, whichever is convenient.

The membership shall be determined by payment of annual membership fees. The membership shall be ceased automatically, if a member fails to update the membership fees for the subsequent year. Any valid business license holder can become a member of BCCI through voluntary registration.

Why should you join the Chamber?

The BCCI members can garner the individual benefits/advantages as follows;

  • Obtaining first-hand information on any programs/activities.
  • Receiving information on various training/workshop etc.
  • Obtaining authentication of business establishment when required by relevant agencies for various purposes, which is being issued only to the members of BCCI.
  • Concessions on stall fees during the fairs/expos organized by BCCI and in other international fairs.
  • Opportunity to participate in business related programs both in-country and ex-country.
  • Issue with valid BCCI Membership Card helpful while travelling outside.
  • Opportunity to participate in Business to Business (B2B) programs, business delegations.
  • Avail business mediation services.
  • Getting updates on any publications of the Chamber.
  • Improve business contacts since the BCCI will be uploading list of members in website for wider reach.
  • And many more…