Business Information and Facilitation Centre

Business information and facilitation Centre is established at the BCCI office equipped with relevant infrastructure and resources. It shall aim to provide one stop information and other business support services. It shall also coordinate and facilitate Jabchor orientation and grooming activities.  The Centre shall extend support through mobilizing key technical expertise, networking opportunities to enhance key connections and capacity building sessions. Mentorship, advisory services, financial modeling, pitch preparation, incubation support, marketing strategy and rehabilitation services are some of the identified support areas.

The center shall also facilitate co-working space equipped with necessary facilities at the BCCI head office. The Centre shall act as “one stop center “ that will coordinate all required business support services through its collaboration with local key stakeholders and established international networks. 

The center shall also offer Human Resource Capacity Development services to the mentors, investor’s, relevant stakeholders and other members from the private sector.  On certain days, the Centre shall open its services to the public in general. 

The Centre shall extend the following services based on the need and relevance of the target business firms: 

  1. Business Advisory & information services 
  2. Business incubation support 
  3. Reviewing of business plan and pitching deck preps 
  4. Practical experience sharing of business pitching both at the local and international level with Webinars facilities with international experts and counterparts 
  5. Matching with relevant and experienced business mentors
  6. Practical experience of business pitching to prospective investors
  7. Access to legal and technical advice from relevant partners
  8. Development of media related promotional resources including AV clips
  9. Shall conduct workshops/training for the entrepreneurs and provide platform for the entrepreneurs to have access to internet and web browsing facilities
  10. Shall host a database of business contacts for reference
  11. Shall guide and support business planning and consultation activities 
  12. Shall provide platform to share knowledge, experience, networking and B2B Meet