General Affairs

General Affairs Department (GAD) is delegated to oversee the day-to-day functioning of administration, manage overall finance, plan and develop human resources capacity building programs and share business information to the private sectors.

The department comprises of following division taking respective tasks & responsibilities:

  1. Administration & Finance Division
    The AFD over looks the daily function of the chamber. The division is made of Admin Section, In-house HR section and Finance/Accounts Section. Further more various units are placed below this division as Procurement unit, Cultural & Translation Unit, Front desk, Store.
  2. Communication & IT Division
    This particular division is responsible for dissemination of information as and when received from concerned department, via website, or other media. The division also participates in various activities in benefit of the chamber and the members, as bringing up business directories, newsletters, and other marketing tools. The units under this division are communication unit, IT unit and repository & Library unit.
  3. Events & Resource Division
    1. Planning, promoting and coordinating internal trade fairs/exhibitions/expositions
    2. Planning, coordinating and mobilizing participants from Bhutan for the international trade fairs/exhibitions and exposition
    3. Mobilizing sponsorship for the events
    4. Processing of clearance for exhibits
    5. Processing of visa for the international participants
    6. Identify a competent event management firm for construction of infrastructure for the event in collaboration with the General Affairs Department through competitive bidding process
    7. Inform General Affairs Department for logistic arrangement of participants
    8. Represent the Department to committees/ meetings as directed by the Head of the Department