Result for the PSD Officer/ PS to Secretary General

Based on the interview conducted on 27th September 2021, BCCI is pleased to announce the selected candidate for the post of PSD Officer/ PS to Secretary General.

Sl No

Name CID No. Total 100% Remarks
1 Tshering Choden 11512000886 62.73 Selected
2 Tshewang Choki 11213002636 61.88 Stand-by
3 Samten Wangchuk 10103002423 58.89 Stand-by
4 Sonam Wangmo 11505002602 58.85
5 Sangay Norbu 11303003048 Absent
6 Sonam Chhoki 10806001659
7 Tek Bdr. Ghalley 11213002636

The selected candidate is advised to report to the BCCI office, Chubachu, Thimphu on Monday, 04th October 2021 at 0900 hours for preliminary sitting before assumption of office. The BCCI offers its hearty congratulations to the selected candidate and a big ” Thank You ” to other candidates for their interest in the BCCI.