Phytosanitary requirements for export of Agricultural Commodities from Bhutan to India

In pursant to Letter No. Thi/Eco/202/03/2020 dated 30 September 2021 of Embassy of India, Thimphu, the Bhutan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI) hereby notifies all the Ministries/Agencies, RGoB and Farmers/Producers/Exporters/Business entities that the Government of India (GoI) has notified 7 agriculture commodities (chilli, beans, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, pea and soybean) in the Gazete of India on 9 September2021.

These commodities are now formalized and approved fro exports to India, however these will require inspections to obtain Phytosanitary Certificate (PSC) from the Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) after meeting the requirements of conditions for export to India as follows;

Sl.No. Commodity Condition(s) for export to India Remarks
  Chilli, Beans, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Carrot, Pea, Soybean Free from soil Fresh vegetables for consumption

To this effect, the Ministry advises all concerned to prepare for the fulfillment of the phytosanitary prescriptions as required by GoI and avail inspection service and PSC certificate from the nearest BAFRA offices to avoid trade hindrances during the export.