Meet with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment (MoICE)

The officials from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment (MoICE) led by Hon’ble Secretary met with the Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) to present the draft 13th Five-Year Plan (FYP) and long-term plans at the BCCI Conference Hall.

As part of the 13th FYP preparation, the MoICE presented long term plans and the key objectives that need to be achieved for the sustainable economic growth and employment opportunities. During the presentation, the critical roles private sector can play in achieving these objectives were also highlighted. The BCCI also presented its plan for private sector recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic impact. The BCCI has prepared Private Sector Recovery Plan (PSRP) outlining several measures to revive the private sector.

Following the presentation, the MoICE and the BCCI discussed about exploring ways to align the plans and collaborate for meeting the common objectives. The Ministry and BCCI agreed to work together to address the challenges and agreed to hold meetings to discuss progress and identify areas for further collaborations.