Medical Product Alert – Falsified meningitis vaccines

This Medical Product Alert relates to the circulation of confirmed falsified Mencevax ACWY in the WHO region of Africa. Genuine Mencevax ACWY is used to prevent meningitis types A, C, W and Y.
On 15 March 2019, the Ministry of Public Health in Niger issued a call for vigilance regarding the circulation of falsified Mencevax ACWY vaccines. This WHO medical product alert provides the details of those products which have been confirmed as falsified to date. Inquiries indicate that the supply chain route of these falsified vaccines includes other countries in West Africa: as such, increased vigilance is requested in all countries of the region, at all levels of the supply chain.

Download the Notification from WHO

WHO requests increased vigilance within the supply chains of countries likely to be affected by these falsified vaccines. Increased vigilance should include hospitals, clinics, health centres, wholesalers, distributors, pharmacies and any other suppliers of vaccines and medical products.
If you are in possession of the above batches of this vaccine, please do not use. If you have used the above batches of this vaccine, or if you suffer an adverse event or an unexpected lack of efficacy, please seek immediate advice from a qualified healthcare professional, and ensure they report the incident to your local Ministry of Health/National Medicines Regulatory Authorities/National Pharmacovigilance Centre.
All vaccines and medical products must be obtained from authentic and reliable sources. Their authenticity and condition should be carefully checked. Seek advice from a healthcare professional in case of doubt.
National health authorities are asked to immediately notify WHO if these falsified vaccines are discovered in their country. If you have any information concerning the manufacture, distribution, or supply of these products, please contact