JAB-CHOR – Inviting investors (Inspired by the concept of “Angel Investors”)

JAB-CHOR is a platform to bring together young entrepreneurs and startups who need early stage financing with individuals and companies who have the capital and are willing to invest in our youth.

JAB-CHOR is a pilot initiative inspired by the concept of Angel Investors. Angel Investors are individuals who provide entrepreneurs and startups with capital during the early stages of businesses. In addition to capital, angel investors can also provide valuable advice based on their own experiences and connections to their networks. Angel investors invest individually or through the formation of groups or angel networks which enables the pooling of capital and better access to finance.

The Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a partner to the initiative along with Royal Monetary Authority, Thimphu TechPark Ltd., Ministry of Economic Affairs and Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan is seeking support from concern individuals/companies to partner with the young entrepreneurs and startups who require early stage financing back up.

In depth dealings with interested investors will be conversed during a pitching platform arranged between the investors and the young entrepreneurs. And simultaneously both entrepreneurs and the investor will be provided assistance with all legal and procedural requirements.

Kindly convey and confirm on your intent as Angel Investors to Mr. Sonam Dorji, BCCI at 77114051.