ITEC Training Program 2016-2017 (Closed)

This is to inform all that submission of applications for ITEC of Colombo plan training courses for the year 2016-2017, which is fully sponsored by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, is open for registration.

The procedure for applying for the courses online is mentioned below:
The applicant is advised to go to the link and apply online by filling up their personal details
After the details have been successfully filled up, mail will automatically be sent to the applicant`s email in which they have to click the link for activating their registration. In case of anomaly, the applicant can correct the discrepancy in the online form itself before submitting the hard copy to the HRD, BCCI.

Next the applicant has to go to the same link ( where they have to login using their email ID and password created while uploading the details. The applicants will have to print out the duly filled application form. After that they have to obtain approval from their parent Organization/ company and submit the application along with other certificates to the BCCI.

Please note, private sector applicants will have to process all their documents through the BCCI (HRD)

In case of any queries the applicants may contact Mr. Sonam Dorji by email at or call at 77114051 or 02-322742/324254 Ext. No. 122.