Clarification on Notification on the Reinforcement of Plastic Ban from NECS

Concerns and confusions have been raised to NECS seeking clarifications on reinforcement of plastic ban on carry bags, doma wrappers and home made ice cream pouches. We would like to request every one to kindly go through the notification 1999 and reinforcement notification sent out by NECS which is available on our website for your kind clarification.
The reinforcement of the plastic ban is only limited to 3 plastic items: carry bags, doma wrappers and home made ice-cream pouches as indicated in the notification.The reinforcement of plastic ban notification does not include plastics used for any other packaging, for instance, plastic used for packaging of vegetables in the market, zaw (roasted rice) , juma (Bhutanese sausages)/ezay and including industrial packaging.

We highly solicit your unwavering support like always on this matter.

Reinforcement of Limited Plastic Ban Notification 1999