“Citizen’s Initiative – Our Gyenkhu” to Address LPG Shortage

The Department of Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs launched “Citizen’s Initiative – Our Gyenkhu” to Address LPG Shortage on 11th April 2019. The main objective of the initiative is to mainly encourage urban residents to switch to use of LPG from subsidized to Non-subsidized LPG for the benefits of the rural and underprivileged households.

The initiative kick-start with surrendering of subsidized LPG by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Hon’ble Speaker, Hon’ble Opposition Leader, Hon’ble NC Chairperson, Hon’ble Chief Justice and the Cabinet Ministers. Subsequently, all the Executives along with other senior officials of the MoEA and other agencies have also voluntarily surrendered the subsidized LPG.

In support of the above initiative, the BCCI would like to request employees of the Chamber, members of all the sector Associates and the private sector to join the noble initiative of the Government.