Courtesy call with the Thailand Ambassador and the President, BCCI

H.E Mrs. Makawadee Sumitmor, Ambassador of Kingdom of Thailand to Bhutan accompanied by few delegations from both government and private sectors met with the President of BCCI and few private sectors in the BCCI office, Thimphu on 2 nd September 2022. The BCCI shared its aspirations to work with Thai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and on how to further collaborate the business relations between the two countries. Following are the highlights of the discussion:

1) The President, BCCI requested the Thai Embassy to assist the Bhutanese importers to tie-up directly with the essential manufacturers in Thailand which will help to bring down the cost price of the products.

2) The BCCI updated on the status of some of the MoU’s between Thailand and Bhutan which has been expired during the Pandemic and requires it’s renewal. So that the countries will have interactive platform and activities like in the past by promoting its members and to further build strong B2B networks between the two countries.

3) The meeting explored having international trade fair in the future where Bhutanese will have platform to display its products that will help to connect with many countries and promote multinational engagements as well.

4) The meeting also discussed on having trade fair between the two countries based on the opportunities and the market demand like packaging expo and construction materials.

5) The BCCI suggested the Thai Embassy to explore the possibilities of the Thai companies investing on hotels, education and health in Bhutan.