4th Monthly Last Friday Meet (MLFM)

26 May 2023

PSDC Boardroom, BCCI, Thimphu


The Monthly Last Friday Meet (MLFM) of the private sector with the Hon’ble Prime Minister has been acknowledged as a fruitful public-private consultation platform with many of the issues and concerns of the private sector being addressed. Through this platform, business sector has been informed about some of the plans and programs of the Royal Government that would involve and have bearing on the private sector.

The 4th MLFM was held on 26th May, 2023. Representatives from various segments of the economy were present who were able to engage in a productive discussion with the Hon’ble Prime Minister. Several issues were raised during the meeting, including concerns about the expiry of Monetary Measures 4 (MM4), taxes, cross-border regulations and policies. The private sector representatives took advantage of the occasion to share their feedback and suggestions for consideration. Besides providing vital clarification on hosts of sectoral issues, the Honourable Prime Minister conveyed his commitment in addressing the issues raised by the private sector aimed at fostering and promoting economic growth through stronger partnership between the government and the private sector.

The President of BCCI, while briefly sharing the milestones achieved by the Chamber, thanked the Honourable Prime Minister for granting the monthly public-private sector consultation platform at the highest level and pledged the commitment of BCCI and its members to work together with the government, both in spirit and action, in facilitating the national economic growth.