3rd Made in Bhutan Exhibition & the Watermelon Festival 2024

The Bhutan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI) in collaboration with Department of Employment & Enterpreneurship, Ministry of Industry Commerce & Employment and Transitional Trade Support Facility Program will be organising the 3rd Made in Bhutan Exhibition & the Watermelon Festival 2024” (3rd MBE 2024) with the theme “Fostering Entrepreneurship for Economic Self-reliance” scheduled from 7-9 June 2024 at Clock Tower Square, Thimphu.

The primary objectives of 3rd MBE 2024 are:

  1. To showcase and promote Bhutanese products with high potential for export, substitute import, and generate meaningful employment;
  2. To establish reliable value chain for the Bhutanese products;
  3. To foster a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem within Bhutan; and
  4. To cultivate and nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship among the Bhutanese population.

The 3rd MBE 2024 serves as an exclusive platform for showcasing “Made in Bhutan” products with a special focus on the Cottage and Small Industries (CSI) sector and an ideal avenue for the budding entrepreneurs from all over Bhutan to further your business interest and help you scale by establishing business linkages with the local dealers/suppliers through B2B networking and matchmaking events.

The Participating entrepreneurs will have the chance to leverage the platform of the 3rd MBE 2024 for the official launch of their products and services, thus gaining significant exposure and recognition in the market.

Join us at the 3rd Made in Bhutan Exhibition 2024 as we celebrate the progress, grit, and entrepreneurial spirit of Bhutanese businesses, while collectively working towards achieving economic self-reliance by supporting and promoting entrepreneurship.

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