BIABPO-Free full-day Launch Symposium and Careers Fair at the Thimphu TechPark

Free full-day Launch Symposium and Careers Fair at the Thimphu
Taking place on 29 January 2019 on the theme “ Bhutan’s New Employment
Growth and Export Opportunity ”, a full-day Launch Symposium and Careers Fair has been organised by the Bhutan Industry Association for Business Process Outsourcing (BIABPO) for ITES/BPO industry stakeholders.

The Chief Guest is Honorable Lyonpo Ugyen Dorji, Minister for Labour & Human Resources. International speakers and industry luminaries are flying in for the event.

3,000 New Office Jobs for Bhutanese Youths
Over the next five years, that’s the mission of the BIABPO, the first industry
association in Bhutan to promote Bhutan’s young talent to employers abroad to work
for them from our own small and beautiful country.

The first ITES/BPO industry Careers Fair in Bhutan
A full-scale Careers Fair, the first of its kind in Bhutan, will take place in the second half of the day at the same venue. The Fair provides an opportunity for those seeking a professional career with a foreign employer to indicate their interest and be considered for employment by current and incoming ITES/BPO locators. BIABPO Talent Development Committee Chair, Sonam Choki said “The Careers Fair aligns with BIABPO’s mission of job creation, especially for our youth. Exposure to business practices, software and systems used by businesses in Singapore, Australia, the United States and other countries with advanced business process infrastructure will provide training and learning opportunities as well as stable income and employment for our youth.”

Job Growth Delivered
The ITES/BPO industry in Bhutan is ready to scale, to create more new and
sustainable jobs for Bhutanese youth, to empower the Bhutanese economy and to bring more wealth to the nation by creating a substantial new services export industry. As has happened in other countries, an ITES/BPO industry in Bhutan will improve social stability and the decentralisation of employment opportunities.

The Minister for Labour & Human Resources, Honorable Lyonpo Ugyen Dorji said “Our new Government accords high priority to addressing youth unemployment. The private sector has enormous potential to provide employment opportunities for young job seekers by leveraging foreign labour markets to bring jobs here over the internet.

BIABPO will also assist those already in the workforce but requiring reskilling and upskilling opportunities. The ITES/BPO sector is a new and alternative channel to sustainable job creation which is well proven in our region and is not dependent on the growth of the domestic economy. BIABPO’s mission aligns with that of my Government’s objective of creating gainful and productive employment opportunities and I look forward to working with the Association towards our mutual goals.”

Executive Director of BIABPO, Kezang said “This is the game-changer for the Bhutanese services sector in terms of creating new jobs and revamping the export services industry in the country. Bhutan is now ITES/BPO-ready to reap the fruits of the fast-moving information and communications technology landscape which has already proven its ability to provide stable employment for millions of young people in other countries.”

CEO of the Thimphu TechPark, Dr. Tshering C. Dorji, also lent his support to the event: “Thimphu TechPark is proud to co-sponsor and supports BIABPO’s important launch event. BIABPO is the missing element in the development of an offshore job sourcing solution and I welcome and support the initiative to create an industry association as has been successfully established by so many of our neighbouring countries.”

A Special Invitation
Our President has extended a special invitation to the press to cover the event and help promote the ITES/BPO opportunity and increase public and government awareness.

About the BIABPO
The Bhutan Industry Association for Business Process Outsourcing (BIABPO) has been established on 1 September 2018 in the Thimphu TechPark, as a voice and coordinating body in support of the ITES/BPO industry stakeholders in Bhutan.

BIABPO also has as a primary objective, responsibility to promote Bhutan as a new ITES/BPO destination of choice in the region. In the last 4 months, BIABPO has been able to launch its official website at and a fully functional, full-time Secretariat. We have been able to mobilise 16 Founding Member businesses till date and expect to double this number through the new year.

To learn more about the event, please contact:
Ms Gaga
Secretariat Coordinator
Level 2, Thimphu TechPark
Babesa, Thimphu 11001
+975 1712 2884