Office Order from BAFRA, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests

This is with reference to letter No BAFRA/MoAF/2021/9.1/188 dated August 20, 2021 from Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA), Thimphu regarding the BAFRA Field Offices to follow the standard inspection process as below during export inspection and certification of all RNR produce:

  1. Any exporter wishing to export RNR produce should bring their consignment to the designated depot or BAFRA Office for necessary inspection and certification as required under existing laws or importing countries requirements.
  2. The exporter shall be responsible to make the consignments ready for inspection (such as packing, untying, unpacking, unloading, loading, tying, etc.). Thereafter, the BAFRA officials will engage in the inspection process.
  3. If the exporters do not carrry out the requirements as indicated under point 1 and 2, BAFRA officials shall not inspect the consignment and will not be issued with the required certificates.

Office Order