Annual Expo 2020- Virtual Event by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI)

Bhutan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI) is in receipt of an invitation to the South Asia Pavilion to be housed within the International Pavilion of the FICCI Annual Expo.

As announced by the FICCI President, the FICCI Annual Expo 2020 (FAE 2020), a one-of-its-kind virtual platform focused on manufacturing and services sectors.  Engaging and progressive platforms where buyers and sellers from across the globe connect, interact, and grow to their fullest potential.  Starting 11th December 2020 and extending for a period of one year, this unique event operates with the objective of elevating business sectors while envisioning new prospects and accelerating businesses. 

All the Interested Business Members across Bhutan may kindly visit the links below to register for the same:



The sprawling Exhibition Centre plays host to exhibitors from across the globe, giving them a productive landscape to showcase their products and capabilities, project their achievements, and engage in discussions to advance their business prospects. While the well-appointed booths allow virtual handshakes through video and chat, the B2B meeting rooms transform business relationships. The state-of-art auditorium is fully equipped to host large-format webinars and conferences, thus providing a world-class environment for global business. 

FICCI Annual Expo will be organized in conjunction with the FICCI Annual General Meeting, a flagship event and one of the most eagerly awaited congregations involving representatives from the Government, Industry, Bureaucracy, Academics and Research, addressing a high-powered audience of policy-makers, corporates, and media, among others. The theme for this year would be “Inspired India.” 

The zoom meeting is scheduled for two days-Tuesday and Wednesday- 1st and 2nd December 2020 at 1200 hrs (IST) to share a presentation on the feasibility of a South Asia Pavilion at the Expo to all.

You can join on either of the two days whichever slot is convenient to you. The login credentials for the Zoom meeting is as given below:

1st December 2020 Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 835 5825 6865
Passcode: 1234

2nd December 2020 Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 819 8218 8010
Passcode: 1234