CII Business Summit 2022 Being Future Ready

CII’s Business Summit 2022 is scheduled for 11-12 May 2022 over a virtual platform.
The theme for the Summit is “Being Future Ready” and the conversation would be around transformation avenues for Indian industry of the future.
The CII Business Summit will witness one of the largest gatherings of stakeholders interested in Indian industry’s journey. It will bring together eminent leaders, strategic thinkers, leading economists, young icons from various fields, captains of Industry, and media to capture their perspectives across major tracks such as Geopolitics & Geo-economics, Competitiveness, Technology, Sustainability, Healthcare, Community and B20.
Sessions on these tracks would be conducted to gather ideas, trends, and solutions for Indian businesses to develop a growth strategy for the future. Over 1000 leaders from industry and other fields are expected to attend the Event.
Please note that registration is mandatory and the link to register is –