Consultation Meeting on Draft Trade and Industry Rules, 2023

Following an internal consultative meeting of the BCCI of 10th April, 2023 with its members on the draft Trade and Industry Rules, 2023 (Rules), a public-private review & consultation session was organised and held at the BCCI, Thimphu on the same with the officials from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Employment (MoICE). Held on 12 April 2023, this bilateral consultation reviewed the Rules section-wise. The meeting took note of the perceived gaps, conflicts and anomalies in the Rules and agreed that the private sector feedback shared during the meeting on the same would be further reviewed for incorporation.

While sharing this brief update, the BCCI acknowledges with appreciation the frank and open discussion on the document and the positive gesture of the MoICE team for collective engagement towards bringing ease in doing business in the country – one of the ingredients essential to achieve the economic transformative exercise being pursued by the government.