BCCI Membership

The Bhutan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI) encourages all the business entities of Bhutan holding Trade License to register for BCCI Membership. The BCCI membership comes in two categories as follows with their individual benefits/advantages:

1. Regular Membership

  • Receiving information on various training/workshop etc.
  • Obtaining authentication of business establishment when required by Government agencies for various purposes, that is being issued only to the members of BCCI
  • Concessions on stall fees during the fairs organized by BCCI and in other international fairs.
  • Opportunity to participate for in-country and ex-country programs.

2. Registered Membership

  • All the benefits that of General Members
  • Issued with valid BCCI Membership Card
  • Priority in all activities including (In-country Training, Ex-country), workshop etc.,
  • Obtaining concessions and offers during fairs or events organized by the BCCI and in other international fairs where BCCI is affiliated
  •  Preference for Business to Business (B2B) programs,
  • Preference for skill development programs held/coordinated by the BCCI
  • Obtaining first-hand information on any programs/activities
  • Getting updates/publications of the Chamber.
  • Improve business contacts
  • Promote business locally/globally
  • Opportunity to influence in local policy framing
  • And many more

Please refer to Membership Page to know more about membership benefits and for online registration for interested Bhutanese business entities.