Bhutan Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Towards Private Sector Development

General Affairs

General Affairs Department (GAD) is delegated to oversee the day-to-day functioning of administration, manage overall finance, plan and develop human resources capacity building programs and share business information to the private sectors.

The department comprises of following division taking respective tasks & responsibilities:

  1. Human Resource & Administration Division
    Looking over the general status and managing the chamber as one core family with research on needs and requirements of the administrative purpose of the chamber. The division also looks into the matter of HR related issues, not limited to the chamber but to various external training for the members of the BCCI, besides the employees of BCCI
  2. Communication & IT Division
    This particular division is responsible for dissemination of information as and when received from concerned department, via website, or other media. The division also participates in various activities in benefit of the chamber and the members, as bringing up business directories, newsletters, and other marketing tools.
  3. Accounts & Finance Division
    This division takes care of the financial aspect of the chamber, including the chamber’s fund and funds purposed for any other extra activities over headed by the BCCI, irrespective of source of fund.
  4. Cultural & Procurement Division
    Cultural officer has been playing utmost important role in chamber, with functions of high level meetings/seminars & events as fair and trade show, whereby we always look forward to keep our modern activities in line with culture of country. The division also shares the responsibilities of procurement and stock maintenance of the office equipment and other belonging.
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